From Slippery Rock to Sierra Leone…

Our church here in Slippery Rock, PA partners with Edunations to build schools and train sierra leonenative educators in the village of Fintonia, Sierra Leone – a community widely recognized by the government of Sierra Leone to be among the least developed in the country. Cut off by the Kaba river to the south, and the jungles of Guinea to the north, the children of Fintonia have been starving for education.

Recently it was announced that leaders of the project are desperately in need of a motorcycle, the most reliable form of transportation on the rudimentary roads that criss-cross the vast distances of the Sierra Leone countryside.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.44.50 PMFew things stir the enthusiasm of an 8-year old boy like a motorcycle!  So Nolan Cowan, who has taken up the rubber-band bracelet craze, decided he could put his hobby to good use by selling custom-order bracelets to raise funds. Thus, Get a Bracelet.  Give a Motorcycle was born

Please order today!

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